The 12 Dates of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
12 oppor-tu-u-nities!

Announcing, (the first annual?):
12 Dates of Christmas:  A Dating Experiment Adventure Series

Many of you have asked to hear more from my own dating life, and in an attempt to show the good parts of online dating and not just display the horror show that is 95% of online profiles, I thought I’d do a series showcasing the REAL story of dating—my kinda dating (single mom, on the online scene, etc.)

So – in this upcoming Advent season–a season of longing and hope (how appropriate, right??),
I’m going to go on 12 dates and chronicle each one.  Here are the terms/parameters:

  1. Each guy will KNOW that I’m going to be blogging about the date.
  2. I’ll include picture(s) from the date as well as a link to each of their online profiles (if they are online)
  3. Each post-date write-up will include:  who is he?  how did we meet?  what did I wear/what did we do?  how was it?  and…that ever pressing question… will there be another date?

I’d like to TRY to get a large sample of types of dates – including:

  •  just drinks (easy first date)
  • dinner/longer date
  • a second date
  • dates with men I normally might not say ‘yes’ to initially
    (stay tuned for a quasi-hot-topic post on dating outside your ethnicity…)
  • a blind date (set-up)…. Still don’t have this one set…anyone want to suggest a friend?
  • a friends-only date (to show that the online dating world can be a great place to make friends,
    as well as search for love)
  • …..any other ideas?

So far, I have a few interesting ones lined up and I’m ready to write!

The plan is to tell the REAL story – good, bad and everything in-between.
It will be an honest account.
So…you’ll hear my thoughts on everything from first impressions to how his breath smells to what we ate/drank, and even if there was a goodnight smooch.

This means that some of the posts may be less-than-thrilling, because most of these guys are GOOD guys.  I’m not going to intentionally waste my time on someone who’s an obvious jerk JUST for your entertainment.  I don’t love you all THAT much.

But, hopefully it will give you an honest glimpse into the reality of dating in phase two of your life.

Interspersed throughout these 12 posts, I will continue to publish winner’s circle posts and others…not to worry.

Before I begin… do any of you have any suggestions on this?  Details to include?  Types of men/dates to choose?  I’m open…so let the comments roll on in.

Also…I don’t yet HAVE 12 dates on the calendar…so – if any of you have any hunky, Jesus-lovin’, witty and smart bachelors just lyin’ around… don’t hold out on a blogger.  Show a sister some set-up love.


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